Lab facilities

The Southeast Iowa JATC lab is second to none. A lot of time and effort has been put into designing this facility to provide future electricians with the best hands on training in the industry. The multiple work stations allow each student to wire the devices at their station according to drawings given as lab projects. There is no substitute for this kind of training, anywhere.    

Apprenticeship Classes

The five year program holds classes four hours a day, one a day week, during the school year. The school is located at 1205 North Central Ave. in Burlington, Iowa. Apprentices are required to attend weekly classes and maintain a passing grade throughout their apprenticeship. The instructors are journeymen wiremen schooled in teaching the curriculum developed by the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee that produces one of the best electrical trainings programs available today.    

Classroom facilities

Classrooms at Southeast Iowa JATC promote a learning 

environment for apprentices and are equipped with audio visual aids to help instructors present the weekly lessons.